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Photo Credit: NickyPe via Pixabay
Photo Credit: Markus Fischer
Photo Credit: Alain Bonnardeaux
Midway between Salzburg and Vienna, Linz boasts beautiful Baroque buildings, including Old Town Hall and the Old Cathedral, Alter Dom. Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz has a major modern art collection and across the river, the striking Ars Electronica Center focuses on society, technology, and the future. Some of Austria's most iconic figures, including Adalbert Stifter, composers Wolfgang Mozart and Anton Bruckner, and the famous scientist Johannes Kepler, once called Linz home.

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Ars Electronica Center
Located across the Danube from Linz's city center, Ars Electronica Center glows in vivid hues of red, purple, blue, and green. This "Museum of the Future" will astound you with its immersive technology exhibits.

Photo Credit: csamhaber via Pixabay
This vintage tram will help you ascend to the scenic hilltop of Pöstlingberg, where you'll have access to stunning panoramic views of Linz below. The railway takes a winding trip through lush forest, with its final stop ending right outside a beautiful basilica at Pöstlingberg's summit.

Photo Credit: Pawel Wisniewski
Linz Botanical Gardens
These magnificent gardens are home to thousands of unique and exotic varieties of flora, including lilies, orchids, and cacti, within five large greenhouses.

Photo Credit: Markus Fischer
In the heart of the city, Hauptplatz is Linz's picturesque main square. Here, you'll find the city's original Town Hall, beautiful pastel architecture, quaint cafés, and iconic Trinity Column, made of white marble and gold.